19. Oktober 2018

Ex Libris Alma is the Next-Gen Library Service of Choice
for Academic Libraries in Australia and New Zealand

The latest institutions to join the Alma Early Adopter Program
in Australia and New Zealand are RMIT University and the University of Otago

Ex Libris® Group is pleased to welcome two more universities to the Australia and New Zealand early-adopter program for the Alma library management service. The newest members are RMIT University, in Australia, and the University of Otago, in New Zealand.

These early adopters join over 60 institutions, on three continents, that have committed to adopting Alma through various collaborative and early-adopter programs. Among those institutions are the members of the Australian Collaborative Partnership Program for Alma: Monash University; Swinburne University of Technology; the University of Western Sydney; the South Australian Consortium for Information Technology and Telecommunications, which consists of Flinders University, the University of Adelaide, and the University of South Australia; and UNILINC, a consortium of academic libraries that includes Australian Catholic University, Charles Sturt University, and Southern Cross University.

“We are excited to become part of the Alma early-adopter program,” said Craig Anderson, university librarian at RMIT University. “Working with Ex Libris and the other early-adopter universities enables us to move into the future with the confidence that we are operating from a sound technological basis. Alma will assist our librarians in supporting our institution’s students and researchers and facilitating academic excellence.”

University Librarian Howard Amos, at the University of Otago, commented: “Becoming an Alma early adopter is a major contributor to our strategy to ensure that our technology platform will support our vision of the academic library as a center of excellence serving the whole institution. We are proud to be partnering with Ex Libris to enrich world-class scholarship.”

“As a unified cloud-based system designed for multiple collections of electronic, digital, and print resources, Alma encompasses the full spectrum of workflows for the purchase, organization, and delivery of all types of content,” Howard Amos added. “Alma will significantly boost efficiency and productivity for our library, and we are pleased to be in the vanguard of adopters of next-generation academic library systems in Australasia. The early adoption of Alma gives us an opportunity to join a global network of libraries at the forefront of the automated management of library operations.”

“I am delighted to welcome these leading institutions to the Alma early-adopter program,” remarked Holley Dumble, director of sales for Ex Libris Australia and New Zealand. “The value of managing all library operations through a single, cloud-based and workflow-led system is becoming clearer to academic institutions around the globe. The early adoption of Alma and planning for its implementation by institutions in Australia and New Zealand reinforce the strength of the Ex Libris strategy of unified resource management.”