20. Oktober 2018

The American Journal of Jurisprudence joins Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (OUP) is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of The American Journal of Jurisprudence (AJJ), which was previously self-published by the University of Notre Dame Law School.

Emma Thomas, Senior Publisher at OUP said: “We’re delighted that The American Journal of Jurisprudence has chosen OUP as its publishing partner; it is a wonderful complement to our existing journals list, and also to our book publishing in legal theory. As the journals publishing landscape becomes more and more complex, it becomes ever harder for independent journals to self-publish effectively. Working with OUP will ensure that this well-respected journal will continue to flourish; especially now that content will be available on the OUP platform.”

Edited by Gerard Bradley and John Finnis, the AJJ is an international journal publishing critical discussions of the moral foundations of law and legal systems, exploring current and historical issues in ethics, philosophy of law or jurisprudence, and legal (including constitutional) theory.

Professor Gerard Bradley, Editor, said: “Interest in legal theory is on the rise across the world, and not only in countries with ties to the common-law tradition. The American Journal of Jurisprudence has been a leading forum for the critical discussion of legal theory, and the contiguous disciplines of ethics and political philosophy, for over a half-century. OUP is the world's leading academic press, and associated with the University which is most closely identified with excellence in legal philosophical studies. Professor Finnis and I are therefore very pleased to bring the journal into partnership with OUP.  The collaboration will no doubt enhance the journal's reputation, and provide it with even greater opportunities to influence the burgeoning global conversation about jurisprudence, and the moral foundations of law.”

The American Journal of Jurisprudence is publishing with Oxford Journals from 2013, and will be increasing from one issue a year to two. For more information about the journal, including subscriptions, article submission guidelines, and how to register for free content-alerting services, please visit: ajj.oxfordjournals.org