18. Oktober 2021
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  • KI, Expertensysteme und Roboter für die Bibliothek
  • Aus Widersprüchen lernen, um das Konzept der Bibliothek als Ort umzusetzen
  • Virtuelle Lesesäle und Lehrräume
    als neue Zugangsmöglichkeiten
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  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) als neues Sammelgebiet für Bibliotheken?
  • Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Künstlicher Intelligenz beim Schreiben von wissenschaftlichen Texten
  • Chancen und Vorteile durch Smart Cities
Ausgabe 5 / 2021

„Uns eint die Liebe zum Buch“ – Verlagsgeschichte und -geschichten

China, Demo­gra­phischer Wandel, Kapitalismus und Migration

China | Japan | Indien | Indonesien | Iran

u.a. Arbeitsrecht | Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht | Infektionsschutzgesetz


WIN Library Network Selects Ex Libris Alma

The 11-member consortium chose Alma to take advantage of
its collaborative networks and to streamline library services

Ex Libris® Group is pleased to announce that the WIN Library Network (WIN)—a consortium of eleven universities, colleges and community colleges—has selected the Ex Libris Alma library management solution. Alma will enable the consortium to provide unified resource management for all members, and will operate in tandem with the Ex Libris Primo discovery and delivery solution, recently implemented by WIN.

Having used Voyager for many years, and having recently implemented Primo, the consortium sought a next-generation solution that would deliver unified services across all collections while also delivering streamlined and more efficient workflows. As a large consortium, the ability to define the level and nature of collaboration between members was also important to WIN. Kathleen O’Connor, Assistant Dean at Gonzaga University, commented: “We are looking forward to seeing Alma facilitate even closer cooperation between our members. In addition we are excited for this opportunity to collaborate with institutions using Alma across the region, such as the Orbis Cascade Alliance. Alma will provide us with insightful analytics, especially in the management of electronic resources, which will help us to make data-driven choices and as a result, reduce costs while improving our services to users.”

“It is a pleasure to welcome the WIN Library Network to the flourishing Alma community in North America,” remarked Mark Triest, president of Ex Libris North America. “Our vision for Alma as a solution to enhance the networked capabilities of libraries is matched by the long-term commitment of WIN to strengthen and expand collaboration. Both Ex Libris and WIN share the goal of assisting libraries to fulfill their institution’s academic goals. We are looking forward to working on this project together to improve library services for both staff and the campus community at each member.”