17. Januar 2019

Kingston University in London is Live with Ex Libris Alma

Students and staff members now benefit from streamlined workflows,
enhanced analytics, and a single, powerful search interface

Ex Libris® Group is pleased to announce that Kingston University in London is live with the next-generation Alma resource management service. Kingston University—the largest university in south west London—is using the Ex Libris solution to transform the management of its electronic and print resources and multi-site collections.

“A major advantage of using Alma is that it is designed for the digital age,” Elizabeth Malone, co-director of Library and Learning Services, explained. “Our library collections are now balanced equally between print and electronic resources, and, to work as effectively as possible, it’s important that our system is capable of managing many different resource formats with scalability to handle growing volumes of digital media.”

Ms Malone added: “We look forward to realizing the efficiency gains from automated workflows and to using Alma Analytics to give us greater insight into students’ usage of resources, enabling us to develop our service to meet changing users’ requirements. Alma is a fully hosted system with an intuitive web based interface that, from a student perspective, will work seamlessly in the background. The Library and Learning Services staff members are now looking forward to enjoying the benefits of the new system over the coming months.”

Christoph Frech, regional sales director, commented: “Three years ago Kingston University decided to migrate to the Ex Libris cloud-based solutions for discovery and delivery with the clear goal of moving to Alma, the market’s only next-generation cloud-based resource management system, as soon as it was ready for the UK market. The university added Alma to its suite of Ex Libris solutions last autumn, and I am delighted that they will enjoy now the benefits of unified resource management integrated with unified discovery for the user community.”