21. Oktober 2021
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  • Die idealen Eigen­schaften für die Arbeit in Bibliotheken in Zeiten des Wandels
  • Preprints haben durch COVID-19 einen enormen Aufschwung erfahren
  • Die Auswirkungen von COVID-19 auf Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken
  • Studie zur erwarteten Rolle von KI in Bibliotheken und Museen
  • Untersuchung zur Gleichstellung in kanadischen Wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken
  • Wie oft werden Enzyklopädien heute in wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten zitiert?
Ausgabe 5 / 2021

„Uns eint die Liebe zum Buch“ – Verlagsgeschichte und -geschichten

China, Demo­gra­phischer Wandel, Kapitalismus und Migration

China | Japan | Indien | Indonesien | Iran

u.a. Arbeitsrecht | Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht | Infektionsschutzgesetz


Swets adds OpenAthens to its portfolio
of Access Management services for libraries

Swets announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Eduserv, the non-profit dedicated to developing and delivering technology services for the public sector. This agreement sees Swets adding the highly popular OpenAthens advanced access management system to its portfolio of Access Management services for libraries.

OpenAthens’ single-sign-on authentication system enables libraries to provide users with remote one-click access to all of their online resources. From students to clinicians, over four million people worldwide use OpenAthens to access essential online content and solve their identity and authentication issues.

“There is an exponential growth in remote users who require problem-free access to all licensed content anytime anywhere, with just one username and password. On the other side those who provide the access want to have the capability to set up groups and profiles to determine who should have access to which content in order to comply with publisher license agreements,” said Michael Leuschner, Commercial Director EMEA at Swets. “OpenAthens is the ideal solution for easy-to-use and secure identity and access management, therefore we are happy to have agreed on a global partnership.”

Stuart Pearce, Executive Director of OpenAthens adds “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Swets, helping them expand their product portfolio to their customers around the world. This represents a great opportunity for Swets’ customers to take advantage of the simple and secure identity and access management provided by OpenAthens. There is close synergy in the markets that Swets and OpenAthens operate within and our products and services complement each other very well, which makes this is an ideal partnership.”

Swets offers libraries a single point of contact for all access management and print delivery issues and can provide support for everything from detailed title or pricing information to administrative support and licensing negotiations. Using its relationships with over 35,000 publishers in more than 50 countries, Swets can assist libraries in building first-class end user services for their research community by ensuring straightforward access to content across multiple languages and formats, including print journals, e-Journals, eBooks and much more.