17. Februar 2019

Guildhall Library wins NAG Award for Excellence 2014

This year’s National Acquisitions Group (NAG) Annual Conference provided the opportunity to present the Guildhall Library with the 2014 NAG Award for Excellence, for their Incunabula Project working with the Consortium of European Research Library (CERL).

Guildhall Library, City of London Corporation, holds 73 incunables (pre-1501 printed books) many of which are of interest to a wide audience including international academics and researchers but until now have been hidden treasures, largely uncatalogued, within the library.

Dr Cristina Dondi said of the project “Progressive libraries are now offering images of provenance evidence on the web, either on their own website or using tools such as Flick or Pinterest. The enterprise is praiseworthy as it raises the quality of scholarly research exponentially. Linking pictures to MEI offers an excellent opportunity to assure that evidence of provenance, illustrated in a London library website, will be picked up in Massachusetts if relating to the same former ownership.”