23. Februar 2019

ProQuest Moves 12 Million Pages of History

From Archive Box to Search Box in 2014

Company continues to lead the charge for libraries’ digital migration

ProQuest continues to lead worldwide digitisation of content that improves research outcomes. In 2014, the company digitised approximately 12 million pages of historical documents, moving them from archive box to search box. The company’s expert digitisation and curation of vast and varied information is supported with advanced technologies. Now, these rare, previously inaccessible and unconnected documents can be discovered, explored and used by researchers in new and meaningful ways.

Via collaborations with libraries, museums and other non-profits, ProQuest digitised content as diverse as French books printed before 1500, declassified documents predating and surrounding the Snowden leaks, and academic video collections. In total, it’s the equivalent of a physical stack of documents reaching 5,000 feet – four times the height of the Empire State Building. Highlights include: