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Oklahoma State University Libraries Selects Ex Libris Alma and Primo

The ARL member and eleven institutions of the Oklahoma A&M System
chose Alma and Primo for their powerful collaborative capabilities

Ex Libris Group® is pleased to announce that Oklahoma State University (OSU), together with the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) College System of 11 universities and colleges, has selected Ex Libris Alma® for next-generation resource management services and Ex Libris Primo® for unified resource discovery. Members of the consortium are replacing numerous systems, including the Voyager® integrated library system.

Before selecting Alma and Primo, OSU evaluated a number of library management and discovery solutions in their quest for a next generation platform, to identify a partner best able to meet the diverse needs of the system.

“We see this project as the natural evolution of the shared platform concept that we pioneered in Oklahoma years ago when we first adopted Voyager for use by the Oklahoma A&M System,” commented Sheila Johnson, Dean of Libraries at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. “Ex Libris is the right partner to help us drive efficiencies in our workflows, have better insight into our operations and increase collaboration among our members—all of which will enable us to constrain growing costs and provide an enhanced user experience.”

“We are also excited about the collaborative capabilities that Alma offers to deepen our recently formed collaboration with the University of Oklahoma (OU) Library System,” added Dean Johnson. “Building on the creation of a shared institutional repository with the OU System—SHARE OK—our adoption of the same technology framework will open doors to many other opportunities to collaborate, such as resource sharing, user services, and strategic procurement activities.”

Eric Hines, president of Ex Libris North America, remarked: “It is inspiring to see the power of Ex Libris solutions to help foster collaboration between institutions across Oklahoma. We are delighted that our customer community is continually finding new ways to harness the potential of our solutions, and I am looking forward to seeing the creative ways in which OSU, in partnership with OU Libraries, will leverage Alma and Primo to best serve their institutions and user communities.”