23. März 2019

Minesoft Launches New Tracker Service For Monitoring Patent Legal Status

Minesoft, the global patent information solutions provider, has announced the launch of a new web-based Tracker service for monitoring the INPADOC legal status of patents.

Tracking changes to the European Patent Office’s comprehensive INPADOC legal status file which spans over 60 global patenting authorities, the new service can alert patent professionals to even the slightest change in legal status of a patent or list of patents.

“Keeping on top of legal status events that occur over the lifetime of patents of interest is an important but traditionally very time-consuming task,” explained Rahman Hyatt, Director at Minesoft. “Our new Legal Status Tracker service eliminates the need for constant, lengthy manual checks and enables patent professionals to automatically be alerted to specified legal status changes for patents within their own or competitor portfolios, such as opposition filings, applications being withdrawn or grants in certain countries.”

Legal Status Tracker is an effective new tool for competitive intelligence, allowing companies to carry out targeted monitoring of risks and opportunities as applications progress through various national offices. The new service is the latest addition to Minesoft’s suite of innovative patent information Solutions and Tracking services, which includes Minesoft PatentArchive, the patent knowledge management solution and CiteTracker, the automated patent citations watch service.