20. Mai 2019

Zepheira Launches Linked Data Readiness Assessment Product for Libraries

Data-Driven Process Prepares Libraries and Their Content for Greater Visibility

Zepheira is launching a new Linked Data Readiness Assessment (RA) Product. RA allows libraries and memory organizations to determine the state of their current collections, systems, and staffing to determine what should be done to make them more visible to their communities – patrons or customers of the library who access information via Web search engines or students and faculty who access information via internal environments such as on-campus systems.

In Order to Thrive, Libraries Must Grow Past Traditional Notions of Physical Presence

The physical library has always held a prominent place at the heart of the communities they serve. At the same time, libraries have always been about more than their front doors. They are about what waits on the other side – resources, services, knowledge to serve both individuals and communities at large and connections.

Today, the Web has become an equally prominent resource and meeting space for communities.  Because of the extended reach and impact the Web lends to many different institutions, libraries are rethinking and retooling in order to serve their communities in this expanded environment. The goal?  Library resources, services, and knowledge should be as visible and prominent as similar commercial offerings.

Linked Data is Key to the Visible Library On the Web and Greater Resource Utility

The key to visibility on the Web and internal systems is not simply having a single Web site “front door.” What is more valuable is to offer a variety of ways to access these resources and services and to connect them to related information. Linked Data and its developing standards, vocabularies, and tools make it possible to make more resources visible on the Web, and making meaningful, precise discovery a reality to Web patrons. It also allows internal, on-campus systems to expose and connect more of a library’s collection to make more powerful use of resources possible.

Zepheira’s Readiness Assessment Gives Libraries A Data-Driven Assessment of Preparedness and a Plan for Next Steps

Zepheira’s Linked Data Readiness Assessment provides guidance and concrete steps for libraries to take as they break this new ground. During the RA process, Zepheira’s expert staff walks the library staff through a process to evaluate the library’s data, environment, and external partners to determine what steps the institution will need to make to effect this change.

Zepheira’s deep expertise in Linked Data technology and its role in architecting the Library of Congress’ BIBFRAME makes them ideal partners to help libraries chart a path forward.

“We at Denver Public Library realize that our customers are regularly using search engines to satisfy their information needs and are often bypassing the physical Library. Zepheira’s Readiness Assessment process was the natural next step for us after taking their Practical Practitioner Linked Data & BIBFRAME Essentials Training,” explained Michelle Jeske, Director of Collections, Technology and Innovation at Denver Public Library.

“RA gives us the chance to size up where we are in terms of resources, software systems, and data with Zepheira’s experts,” Jeske continued.  “At the end of the assessment, we will have a roadmap that will guide us as we take steps to improve the ways in which we serve those in our community searching for our resources online.”