20. Februar 2019

Nielsen Signs New Agreement with Openbook
Enabling Both Companies to Share Insights in Their Respective Markets

Nielsen and Openbook, the largest Chinese book retail tracking service provider, are pleased to announce a collaboration agreement designed to meet the increasing client needs of both companies through improvements to the flow of insights and information between the English language book markets of the US and UK and the China book market and enhanced service capability. Nielsen China will provide support by working with Openbook locally in China.

In its online system, Openbook will publish weekly overall and genre-specific US and UK book sales charts, as well as US and UK rights contact information. These charts will be made available to publishers and retailers who subscribe to Openbook’s online services in China.

Nielsen will introduce Openbook’s research services to Nielsen Book clients around the world. This includes the English translation of the 2014 China Market Report, which will provide rich data and insights into the China book market.

Jonathan Nowell, President of Nielsen Book, said of the agreement: “I am delighted to be working with Mrs Jiang and her colleagues at Openbook in this new venture. This is a fantastic opportunity for our US and UK clients to gain a deep understanding of the tremendous opportunities that exist in the world’s second largest book market. I also believe that the exposure of US and UK charts on Openbook’s systems will stimulate rights and export sales opportunities for international publishers.”

Mrs Jiang, General Manager of Openbook agreed and added: “The agreement has marked a milestone of our year’s collaboration with Mr. Nowell and his team. Openbook will benefit from the agreement in terms of access to advanced data tracking and analytics for the global English book markets. Meanwhile, through this agreement, Openbook’s clients are able to gain insights of global English book market trends, best-selling books as well as industry best practise, which would help our clients introduce top quality books to meet Chinese consumers’ needs. Additionally, the close collaboration between Nielsen Book team and Openbook would create new services for the Chinese book market and our client base.”