22. Oktober 2021
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In der Ausgabe 7/2021 (Oktober 2021) lesen Sie u.a.:

  • Die idealen Eigen­schaften für die Arbeit in Bibliotheken in Zeiten des Wandels
  • Preprints haben durch COVID-19 einen enormen Aufschwung erfahren
  • Die Auswirkungen von COVID-19 auf Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken
  • Studie zur erwarteten Rolle von KI in Bibliotheken und Museen
  • Untersuchung zur Gleichstellung in kanadischen Wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken
  • Wie oft werden Enzyklopädien heute in wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten zitiert?
Ausgabe 5 / 2021

„Uns eint die Liebe zum Buch“ – Verlagsgeschichte und -geschichten

China, Demo­gra­phischer Wandel, Kapitalismus und Migration

China | Japan | Indien | Indonesien | Iran

u.a. Arbeitsrecht | Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht | Infektionsschutzgesetz


Karger announces the launch of a new Open Access journal: Biomedicine Hub

Karger Publishers announces the launch of Biomedicine Hub, a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal dedicated to intersecting high-quality basic, translational and clinical research as well as public global health issues across all biomedical fields.

With its focus on interdisciplinary work at the forefront of medicine, Biomedicine Hub aims at facilitating the exchange of knowledge between the various disciplines and thus at supporting the development of cutting-edge technologies and the improvement of health care.

Biomedicine Hub is backed by 12 senior editors and an international editorial board of more than 170 eminent scientists and physicians who guarantee the scientific excellence of its content.

The latest online technologies will allow for rapid publication and help direct readers to the content that is most relevant to them. Initially there will be no article processing charges for this journal (free publication).

Gabriella Karger, CEO of Karger Publishers, commented on the launch:
"We are excited to launch this new platform which will be a meeting place or 'hub' for people from various biomedical disciplines to share ideas, theories, experimental results and clinical experience. Like all other Karger journals, Biomedicine Hub will provide thorough peer reviewing and copy editing to guarantee a high-quality product. The journal will be an excellent addition to our portfolio of specialized biomedical journals."