28. Mai 2020

Reinventing the Library - The New York Times

Wenn wir die Bibliothek neu erfinden, ohne die Zentralität des Buches zu erhalten, riskieren wir, etwas unwiderbringlich zu verlieren, schreibt die New York Times.


"Librarians are not trained to act as social workers, caregivers, babysitters or medical advisers. All these extra tasks make it difficult, if not impossible, for librarians to work as librarians: to see that the collections remain coherent, to sift through catalogues, to help readers read, to read themselves. The new duties imposed on them are the obligations of civilized societies toward their citizens, and should not be dumped pell-mell onto the shoulders of librarians. If we change the role of libraries and librarians without preserving the centrality of the book, we risk losing something irretrievable".