7. Oktober 2022
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In der Ausgabe 6/2022 (September 2022) lesen Sie u.a.:

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  • Kommt es zu einem Comeback von Information Professionals in Medienunternehmen?
  • Open Access ist gut für die Wissenschaft, aber nicht ohne Risiken
  • Paper Mills als eine ernsthafte Bedrohung für die wissenschaftliche Integrität
  • Aktuelle Trends in der Hochschulbildung
  • Daten zur wissenschaftlichen Verlagsbranche
  • Sind A-Books die Zukunft des gedruckten Buchs?
Ausgabe 5 / 2022


  • Islam in Europa 1000–1250
  • Die Normannen

Uwe Wesel: Wozu Latein, wenn man gesund ist? Ein Bildungsbericht

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NEW: PatBase Analytics V2.0

Following a successful BETA period, a brand new PatBase Analytics V2.0 has been launched in PatBase. This new module offers analytics on up to 250,000 records with the availability of 3-dimensional analysis.

The interface and design has been updated, granting users access to a range of colours and design schemes with the option to insert your own company logo into the chart viewer for sharing with colleagues and clients.

Searches loaded into the new module can be filtered to focus the analysis on specific assignees, jurisdictions, date ranges and patent types. Users can now take advantage of 2 separate levels of analysis:

    1. Basic Analysis – completes quickly and produces a summary dashboard with primary insights (e.g. most occurring jurisdiction/assignees)

    2. Standard Analysis – produces additional chart types offering secondary breakdowns (e.g. top jurisdiction by year, top assignee by jurisdiction etc.)

In addition, our new, intuitive 2D and 3D landscaping tools are now available! Up to 5000 families can be rendered in either a heat map or topological view with relationships within your dataset visualised using keyword cluster analysis to group documents together using common terms in their full text content. Users will benefit from helpful notifications, highlighting when changes in a result set occur compared to a historical analysis and alerting users to the new data via the in-built notification system.

Sharing with clients and colleagues has never been easier thanks to the implementation of an Analytics viewer. Users can share charts easily with specific recipients; a new “Note” feature allows users to add descriptions or comments to the data, which will be shared alongside the chart – so you can quickly add your expertise.

The new version of Analytics is now available in PatBase. Analytics V1.0 will continue to run for a limited time.