19. Februar 2020

ProQuest Named a ‘Preferred Supplier’ by Jisc

After successful pilot, U.K. higher education institutions get long-term access to 20 primary-source databases

ProQuest has been designated as a preferred supplier in Jisc’s digital archival collections group purchasing scheme, giving academic institutions improved access to primary-source databases. Following the success of a two-year pilot ProQuest helped shape and participated in, the purchasing program has been extended for an additional four years.

In 2017, Jisc – a U.K. member organization that provides digital technology and digital resources for higher education – kicked off a group purchasing pilot for digital archival collections. The pilot built on the power of collective purchasing with the goal of lowering customer costs. After the pilot’s conclusion, Jisc accepted ProQuest as a preferred supplier through 2022. Members will continue to acquire ProQuest databases using the same purchasing model used in the pilot. Currently, 20 ProQuest databases are available through the program, and offerings will be re-evaluated each year as members’ needs change.

“We’re pleased to transition from a pilot phase to a yearly service for the digital archival collections group purchasing scheme,” said Karen Colbron, Digital Content Manager, Jisc. “The expanded products and subject areas available offer Jisc members the opportunity to acquire content at discounted rates according to the Jisc buying bands.”

“Feedback from faculty shows primary sources are critical to academic success,” said Susan Bokern, Vice President of ProQuest Information Solutions. “They’ve become an important complement to traditional resources used in academic institutions, and the Jisc pilot further demonstrated their popularity in U.K. higher education. ProQuest is proud to continue our partnership with Jisc to help make these digital curated collections accessible so researchers can achieve their research, teaching and learning outcomes.”

ProQuest databases were selected for the Jisc purchasing scheme based on in-depth curriculum analyses conducted for the U.K. higher education community, as well as consideration for the ProQuest content Jisc members have already invested in. They include: