13. Dezember 2018

SirsiDynix looks to ‘rising stars’ to participate in innovation discussions

Stephen Abram departing; will continue to participate in events with SirsiDynix

SirsiDynix®, the global leader in library technology solutions, announces the departure of Stephen Abram, who has been Vice President of Innovation since 2004. Abram will continue to be a resource for the SirsiDynix Institute™ and for SirsiDynix User Groups, among other programs in the future.

“Stephen has been a voice of change in the library industry, and we look forward to seeing how he drives the conversation about tomorrow’s technology,” said Gary Rautenstrauch, SirsiDynix Chief Executive Officer. “We share his dedication to the betterment of the library community through thoughtful technology development, and so we support Stephen in his transition.”  

Abram’s role at SirsiDynix has taken him around the world, sharing his experiences and visions for libraries through hundreds of speaking engagements, webinars and conferences. SirsiDynix plans to continue to engage Abram at user group conferences and other events where his provocative thought will continue to invoke meaningful conversations for the industry. Abram will speak in March to North American SirsiDynix users at the 2010 COSUGI User Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  

“My time at SirsiDynix has been invaluable, from being a part of building the largest library technology solutions provider in the world, to meeting wonderful clients globally who have given me friendship and an education that I will take with me,” said Abram. “I have tremendously appreciated SirsiDynix’s support of my blog, speaking engagements and my activities with the many associations I have had the opportunity to be involved with.”  

Within SirsiDynix’s management team are a number of individuals who are already part of industry discussions about tomorrow’s innovation, including Berit Nelson, Vice President of Strategic Library Development, and Talin Bingham, Chief Technology Officer. “We will continue to look at our talent within for players who will participate in and drive conversations as Stephen did,” said Rautenstrauch. “With a large portion of our staff being librarians, we are confident that our rising stars will contribute meaningful dialogue and discover solutions to future library challenges.”