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In der Ausgabe 9/2021 (Dezember 2021) lesen Sie u.a.:

  • Anwendung des UTAUT-Modells: Akzeptanz von modernen Technologien in Bibliotheken
  • Hat der Schreibstil in Abstracts Einfluss auf die Anzahl von Zitierungen?
  • Was sind „grüne Bibliotheken“?
  • Nachhaltigkeit in und für Bibliotheken
  • Studie zur Zukunft der Bibliotheken
  • Web3 als die neue, dezentrale Zukunft des Internets?
Ausgabe 6 / 2021


  • Geschichte der Menschenrechte
  • Richtig satt werden. Gespräch mit Prof. Dr. Biesalski
  • Folgen von Lockdown und Isolation

Deutschland und Russland | Orient | Japan

Frauen im Nationalsozialismus

Rechtsgeschichte | Verfassungsrecht | Erbrecht | Umweltschutz im Luftverkehrsrecht


  • Winnacker: Mein Leben mit Viren
  • Huldschinsky: „Licht statt Lebertran“

The IMA launches a new mathematics journal
with Oxford University Press

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is to launch a new journal, Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA, with Oxford University Press (OUP).

This exciting new journal will cover the analysis of large data sets across the diverse areas of applied mathematics, statistics, engineering, and machine learning. The journal will publish high-level interdisciplinary articles and serve as a point of exchange between diverse communities.

According to David Youdan, Executive Director of the IMA, “The launch of Information and Inference cements the IMA journal collection as a comprehensive applied mathematics resource. We publish our complete collection of prestigious titles with Oxford and are delighted about this addition to our journal publishing programme.”

Catherine Morgan, Publisher, Oxford University Press, said: “We are really excited to be launching a journal in such an interesting and dynamic area. Information and Inference will be important to researchers across the many fields where large data sets are used. The scope of the journal and the distinguished editors will position Information and Inference as the pre-eminent journal in this area.”

The editors are Robert Calderbank, Dean of Natural Sciences  at Duke University; David L. Donoho, Professor of Statistics at Stanford University; John Shawe-Taylor, Head of the Department of Computer Science at University College London; and Jared Tanner, Professor of Mathematics of Information at the University of Edinburgh, School of Mathematics.

This journal aims to publish high-quality, mathematically oriented articles that further the understanding of theory, methods of analysis, and algorithms for information and data.

Information and Inference will be invaluable to researchers of a wide range of topics in pure and applied mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, and electrical engineering. Article subjects will include: information theory, statistical inference, network analysis, numerical analysis, learning theory, applied and computational harmonic analysis, probability, combinatorics, signal processing, and high-dimensional geometry.

The first issue of Information and Inference will be published by OUP in Spring 2012. Visit the website for more information, submission guidelines, or to sign up to receive tables of contents by email: