8. Dezember 2022
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  • Wohin entwickelt sich das Peer-Review-Verfahren?
  • Entwicklung eines Leitfadens für Lehrkräfte zur Evaluierung von Fachzeitschriften
  • Studie zum Vertrauen in das globale Wissenschaftssystem
  • Globale Digital-Trends
  • Globaler Open-Access-Zeitschriftenmarkt hat auch 2021 von COVID-19 profitiert
  • EBSCO prognostiziert für 2023 verhältnismäßig moderate Steigerungen bei den Zeitschriftenpreisen
  • Open Science ist kein Selbstläufer
  • „Prominente“ Verzerrungen
    beim Peer-Review-Verfahren
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  • Letzte Geheimnisse des Orients
  • Russland | Putin

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Alexander von Humboldt:
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Nielsen adds new WorldCat® link to its market leading
search and discovery service: Nielsen BookData Online

Nielsen is delighted to announce that in response to customer demand the company has developed an exciting new feature specifically for its library customers.

Many libraries use a range of bibliographic tools and often need to switch between them. To help streamline this process, users can now link directly to records in WorldCat.org, from within the Nielsen BookData Online full page, by clicking on the WorldCat.org logo. This feature is unique to our service.

Once the librarian has clicked on the WordCat.org logo, the results will open in a separate window and will give the librarian instant access to library holdings information (sorted by distance) along with other content available through the WorldCat.org service. By using one service librarians will save time and improve internal processes. There is no additional cost for this feature for Nielsen BookData Online clients which will provide additional value to an already time-saving tool.

Mark Allcock, OCLC Business Development Director, EMEA commented “OCLC welcomes this opportunity to work with our European partner Nielsen, by linking to our members’ data through Nielsen BookData Online. We believe that this further demonstrates the value of our European members having their library data on the WorldShare platform. This is another successful use of OCLC members’ data in a partner’s application.

Paul Dibble, Head of Data Sales, Nielsen said: “The addition of the OCLC WorldCat link to Nielsen BookData Online is a great example of how working with our partners and listening to our customers can deliver real value. Initial feedback from users has been very positive and I am confident that as more libraries discover this new facility we will learn of a number of different applications.