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International Primo Customer Base Continues to Grow

Primo's sophisticated technology and superior user experience
continue to attract academic, national, and research libraries

Jerusalem - Ex Libris® Group is pleased to announce that further prominent libraries around the world have selected the Primo® discovery and delivery solution. In addition to enjoying the redesigned user interface and the rich functionality of Primo version 3, these libraries-together with the other 280 members of the international Primo community-will benefit from the integration with the Primo Central index of scholarly e-content. Among the recent newcomers to the Primo community are the following institutions:

  • Atlanta University Center (United States)
  • Monash University Library (Australia)
  • University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria)
  • Parliament of Hungary
  • Coventry University (United Kingdom)
  • Aberystwyth University (United Kingdom)
  • University of the West Indies (Caribbean countries)

Released in May 2010, Primo version 3 provides the end user with a simplified, modernized interface, enhanced search and display options, the incorporation of library OPAC functions into the Primo interface, and seamless expansion of the search scope to include the Primo Central mega aggregate index of hundreds of millions scholarly materials.

In addition to complete interoperability with the Aleph® and Voyager® integrated library systems (ILS), Primo can serve as a discovery and delivery layer for all major ILS products, including Millennium, Horizon, Unicorn, Geac, SISIS, Libero, and a variety of regional and local systems. Primo presents a single result list that blends items from local collections, including the local library catalog, with global e-resources from the Primo Central index.  

Julie Hart, library resources manager at Aberystwyth University, commented: "Following an extensive evaluation of discovery products, Primo stood out as the only solution which fully met our requirements. Primo provides a single point of access to the full gamut of our physical and electronic resources. With its open architecture and wide variety of APIs, we will be able to customize the system to meet the unique needs of our library. Above all, Primo 3.0 enables our users to carry out many activities (such as loan renewals, hold requests, and payment of fees and fines) via a single interface."  

The University of Applied Arts Vienna chose to join the Austrian Library Network's Primo consortium to provide its users with sophisticated search technology. "Primo offers the simplicity and user-generated functionality, such as tags, ratings, and reviews, that our users demand," explained Library Director Gabriele Jurjevec-Koller. "We are looking forward to exposing our rich collections via a single point of access."  

"We wanted to establish a unified interface from which our users would be able to search across all our library resources-the catalog, databases, online journals, and our institutional repository," noted Jennifer M. Joseph, university and campus librarian at the University of the West Indies (UWI). "Having used Aleph, together with the MetaLib® metasearch solution and the SFX® link resolver, for several years, we knew that Primo could be effectively layered onto our existing systems to provide a radically improved search experience for our users. UWI is a unique institution with campuses in several independent territories across the Caribbean. Primo will enable the library to realize its goal of a unified search across all our information resources and campuses," added Ms. Joseph.  

Nancy Dushkin, corporate vice president of discovery and delivery solutions at Ex Libris, commented: "The growing popularity of Primo among academic, national and research libraries around the world reflects the solution's proven achievements for library staff and users. With the recent release of version 3.0, which offers a single interface for all library functions and seamless access to Primo Central, Primo provides a complete, efficient discovery experience."