21. Januar 2022
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  • Anwendung des UTAUT-Modells: Akzeptanz von modernen Technologien in Bibliotheken
  • Hat der Schreibstil in Abstracts Einfluss auf die Anzahl von Zitierungen?
  • Was sind „grüne Bibliotheken“?
  • Nachhaltigkeit in und für Bibliotheken
  • Studie zur Zukunft der Bibliotheken
  • Web3 als die neue, dezentrale Zukunft des Internets?
Ausgabe 6 / 2021


  • Geschichte der Menschenrechte
  • Richtig satt werden. Gespräch mit Prof. Dr. Biesalski
  • Folgen von Lockdown und Isolation

Deutschland und Russland | Orient | Japan

Frauen im Nationalsozialismus

Rechtsgeschichte | Verfassungsrecht | Erbrecht | Umweltschutz im Luftverkehrsrecht


  • Winnacker: Mein Leben mit Viren
  • Huldschinsky: „Licht statt Lebertran“

Ex Libris Alma and Primo Are Live at University of Udine

The Italian University is one of the first to use the UNIMARC cataloguing format with Alma

Ex Libris® Group is pleased to announce that the University of Udine is live with the Alma® library management service and Primo® discovery and delivery solution. Udine has become one of the first universities to benefit from Alma’s recently added support for the UNIMARC cataloguing format.

Dr.ssa Liliana Bernardis, co-ordinator of the library system of the University of Udine, said: “Together with our fellow early adopters we have worked closely with Ex Libris to ensure that the implementation of Alma with UNIMARC is right for our country.”

“We are looking forward to making use of Alma’s advanced Analytics to understand the usage of online sources. In addition, by providing centralised metadata, the Alma Community Zone will enable us to reduce the time required for cataloguing,” continued Mrs Bernadis.

“With Alma and Primo, we are now in a position to deliver more efficient services thanks to the solutions’ innovative design and unified workflows. As cloud-based solutions, Alma and Primo enable us to devote more time and resources to supporting our users’ teaching and learning activities. Integration with other national systems used for the management of library services, particularly Inter-library Loan and Document Delivery, will help to further enhance our efficiency,” concluded Mrs Bernadis.

”I am delighted to see Alma live in daily use at Udine,” remarked Ofer Mosseri, corporate vice president and general manager of Ex Libris Europe. “We have worked closely with the Library to refine Alma and Primo to meet the needs of Udine and the Italian customer community. I look forward to seeing many more Italian customers go live with both solutions in the near future.”