18. September 2021
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In der Ausgabe 6/2021 (September 2021) lesen Sie u.a.:

  • KI, Expertensysteme und Roboter für die Bibliothek
  • Aus Widersprüchen lernen, um das Konzept der Bibliothek als Ort umzusetzen
  • Virtuelle Lesesäle und Lehrräume
    als neue Zugangsmöglichkeiten
    zu analogen Sammlungen
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) als neues Sammelgebiet für Bibliotheken?
  • Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Künstlicher Intelligenz beim Schreiben von wissenschaftlichen Texten
  • Chancen und Vorteile durch Smart Cities
Ausgabe 4 / 2021

RA Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin:
Wolfgang Kaleck und die konkrete Utopie der Menschenrechte


Ré Soupault

Sonne, Mond, Sterne, Galaxien ...

Naturschutz- und Umweltrecht | Arbeitsrecht


Springer publishes Computational Brain & Behavior
with the Society for Mathematical Psychology

New official journal of the Society for Mathematical Psychology will be published by Springer from April 2018

An interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal which draws together research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, economics and statistics has been launched by the Society for Mathematical Psychology and Springer.  Articles published in Computational Brain & Behavior (CB&B) are linked by a common theme of quantitative and computational approaches, and aim to foster cross-disciplinary communication. The first issue will be published online in April 2018.

Headed by editor-in-chief Scott Brown, professor of psychology at The University of Newcastle in Australia, the journal will cover empirical and theoretical approaches. Authors are invited to submit original research, reviews, commentaries, and book reviews in all areas of mathematical psychology and cognitive science. Four volumes of the journal will be published online per year, and open access options are available.

Jennifer Trueblood, president of the Society for Mathematical Psychology (SMP) said: “We are very excited to launch Computational Brain & Behavior and we have big ambitions for the journal. We envision CB&B as a home for first-rate computational and quantitative research from a wide range of areas of psychology, and our goal is to create a multidisciplinary outlet to further communications across these disciplines. CB&B has the full support of SMP and an outstanding team of diverse editors led by Scott Brown.”

“Computational approaches to cognitive science have become an important hub for integrating research from a diverse range of fields, including neuroscience, economics, psychology, and cognitive science. Members of SMP have been at the forefront of these efforts, opening new avenues of research and changing the way that we address existing research questions,” explained Scott Brown, editor-in-chief of CB&B.

Springer editor of cognitive psychology Lilith Dorko said: “We are so thrilled to partner with SMP on Computational Brain & Behavior. Much like the Society, Springer is committed to pushing interdisciplinary approaches to cognitive science to the forefront of the academic discussion and curricula.”

The Society for Mathematical Psychology (SMP) promotes the advancement and communication of research in mathematical psychology and related disciplines. Mathematical psychology is broadly defined to include work of a theoretical character that uses mathematical methods, formal logic, or computer simulation.