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  • Deutsche Zeitungsbranche: Print-Geschäft verliert weiter an Bedeutung, mehr Investitionen in Digitalisierung
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SirsiDynix Enterprise® Search and Discovery Coming to Over 30 Libraries

PROVO, UT - SirsiDynix, the world’s leader in strategic technology solutions for libraries, is pleased to announce that SirsiDynix Enterprise®, a leading edge search and discovery tool, is coming to over 30 libraries across the world in the next few months.

The following customers are among those who recently chose SirsiDynix Enterprise as their search and discovery solution:

    Alexandria Library
    Alliance Library System
    Avon Lake Public Library
    Baystate Medical Center
    Bedford Public Library
    Burley Public Library
    City of Yarra
    Cromaine District Library
    Cumberland County Libraries
    Eaton Corporation
    Enoch Pratt Free Library
    Fachhochschule Trier, Standort
    Glasgow Colleges
    Grand Ledge Area District Library
    Imperial Valley College
    Kalamazoo Public Library
    Maricopa County Community College District
    Montgomery City-County Public Library
    North Logan City Library
    Pioneer Library System
    Suburban Library Cooperative
    Washoe County Library System
    Thiel College Langenheim Memorial Library
    Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
    University of Buckingham
    University for the Creative Arts
    Warren County Library
    Wells County Public Library
    Yuma County Library District

SirsiDynix Enterprise is a search and discovery tool that helps patrons find what they need through a single search box. Accurate search results can be found even when typos, misspellings, diacritics, prefixes, and suffixes are involved. In addition, community features such as ratings and reviews can be added through ChiliFresh.

Other features include:

  • Trigram analysis, or “fuzzy logic” which evaluates each trigram in a word to allow for typos, diacritics and more: a first in the library search and discovery market

  • “Did you mean” suggestions which are based on terms in the catalog (rather than a generic third-party dictionary)

  • Dynamic search suggestions

  • Delivery of saved searches through an RSS web feed

  • Email and print options for search results

  • Built-in “Library Favorites”

  • The capability for libraries to define their own “Favorites”, profiles, languages and filters

  • Available for any size of library or consortia

An example of SirsiDynix Enterprise can be found at Wells County Public Library’s Enhanced Search site (http://welc.ent.sirsi.net/vse/app). Christine Will, Systems Administrator at Wells County said, “Our site has been using Enterprise for the past couple months. We advertise it to our customers as our new enhanced searching. We are excited about the possibilities and the direction Enterprise will take our online catalog.”

Gary Rautenstrauch, SirsiDynix chief executive officer, said “We are pleased with the features and ease of use that Enterprise offers both library staff and users, and we congratulate those who have taken the bold step to make searching more powerful and relevant. We look forward to further development and innovations in Enterprise and are confident it will continue to make searching both easy and powerful in the future.”