4. Februar 2023
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In der Ausgabe 10/01-2022/23 (Jan./Feb. 2023) lesen Sie u.a.:

  • Bibliotheken und die Frage der Interims-Führungskräfte
  • Forderung nach einer standardisierten Kennzeichnung von Preprints
  • Soziale Medien: Ich teile, also weiß ich
  • Die „MINT-Lücke“ in Deutschland
    wird wieder größer
  • Trends 2023: Optimierte Technologien für Klimawandel, Gesundheitskrise etc
  • KI-generierte Texte und Inhalte:
    zwischen Chance und Gefahren
  • Studie: Seit den 1950er-Jahren kaum noch große wissenschaftliche Entdeckungen und Innovationen
  • Digitalisierung am Arbeitsplatz stellt für Beschäftigte oft eine Belastung dar
  • E-Science-Tage 2023
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Utopie auf Platte


  • Letzte Geheimnisse des Orients
  • Russland | Putin

Ökonomie bei Platon

Alexander von Humboldt:
Geographie der Pflanzen

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150 Jahre Harrassowitz



ProQuest Offers Entire Rolling Stone Digital Archive

One of the most influential magazines of the 20th and 21st centuries, Rolling Stone provides a deep dive into music, film, culture and counterculture spanning decades.

Researchers can now access 50 years of the culture-defining journalism in Rolling Stone – digitally. The archive of one of the most legendary and influential consumer magazines in history is now available and easily accessible online for the first time to academic institutions and libraries globally through ProQuest.

With full-color, full-page content, The Rolling Stone Archive is a significant addition to library collections – giving users anytime, anywhere access to the entire publication’s backfile from 1967 to today. A key resource and guide to understanding the history of music, film, television, entertainment and popular culture, Rolling Stone is synonymous with culture and social relevance with its pulse on politics, social issues and the most significant countercultural movements of recent history, including contributions from writers like Hunter S. Thompson, Patti Smith and Tom Wolfe. The archive is also filled with articles that have defined history – including one of the first national features about the mystery of AIDS in the 1980s.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with ProQuest in making half a century of our culture-defining and award-winning content available digitally,” said Rolling Stone President and Chief Operating Officer Gus Wenner. “It is truly incredible to showcase our body of work from our first issue featuring John Lennon to one of our most recent and iconic covers featuring BTS. This collaboration shows the breadth and scope of the full Rolling Stone archive and expands access to it in a meaningful way. I'm excited and humbled to have the opportunity to share Rolling Stone's catalogue chronicling where we’ve been, while continuing to inspire future generations for years to come.”

“Rolling Stone is long known for both shaping and chronicling cultural trends, making its archive indispensable in research and teaching across all social science and humanities disciplines,” said Susan Bokern, Vice President of Product Management at ProQuest. “And because its content is discoverable in one place and easily searched, users will be able to uncover insights about how events, people, trends and themes evolved over time from its unique coverage and perspectives.”

With cover-to-cover issues, article-level indexing and searchable text, users can review all types of content from The Rolling Stone Archive, including articles, editorials, advertisements and more. Available on the recently enhanced ProQuest® platform, The Rolling Stone Archive can be searched along with a diverse selection of content – newspapers, books, journals, dissertations and more – giving additional context to a research topic.