22. Januar 2019

Primo Central Index to Provide Full-Text Search
in Renowned HathiTrust Collection

Partnering with Ex Libris, HathiTrust boosts the discoverability
of its content through Primo Central

Ex Libris® Group is pleased to announce that a new agreement with HathiTrust will enable library users to carry out full-text searches of the HathiTrust collection via the Primo Central Index of scholarly e-content. Users are already able to search the collection’s metadata, which was previously indexed in Primo Central.

Library users at Primo Central sites will be able to search the full text of more than 10 million volumes in the HathiTrust collection, including more than 5.3 million book titles and 263,000 serial titles—together amounting to over 3.5 billion pages. Once users locate the information they need on the Primo® result page, they can access public-domain materials directly from HathiTrust or obtain digital and physical content from the collections of their institution’s library.

Offered as a cloud-based service to hundreds of libraries around the globe, the world-class Primo Central Index covers hundreds of millions of scholarly e-resources from leading information providers. Primo Central is an integral part of the Ex Libris Primo discovery and delivery solution, which enables library users to enjoy all the benefits of a one-stop service for their research needs.

“For HathiTrust, access is a key part of our preservation mission,” commented John Wilkin, executive director of HathiTrust. “Resources that remain hidden will not be effectively preserved over time. While we will continue to support a stand-alone full-text search of HathiTrust (maintained by HathiTrust), we believe that getting our content into the flow of where our users are is critically important. We are pleased to see the addition of Ex Libris services in exposing the HathiTrust content.”

“We are delighted to welcome HathiTrust on board as a Primo Central Index full-text partner,” remarked David Beychok, vice president of discovery and delivery solutions at Ex Libris. “The extent and diversity of content contained in the multidisciplinary HathiTrust collection will be of immense value to Primo Central users around the world.”