20. Februar 2019

Research on Organisational Readiness is Top in 2014 Dissertations

Carleton University’s Inta Cinite is the author of PQDT’s most popular work of the year

Inta Cinite’s “Measurement of perceived organizational readiness for change and employees' attitudes toward change in the public sector” was the most accessed dissertation on ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Database® (PQDT) in 2014. Dr. Cinite’s research was conducted as she completed her PhD at Canada’s Carleton University and was among the works most often consulted by researchers in 3,000 university libraries throughout the world.

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PQDT is the world’s largest repository of dissertations and theses and is searched more than 200 million times per year. Authors use PQDT to make their research more easily discovered by others and earn royalties with each download. In 2014, dissertations on topics in business management, marketing and human resources were the most consulted, with dissertations on educational topics a close second

Popular topics are reflected in the balance of the top six dissertations of 2014: